Earl: Rugged E-Ink Tablet




运行Android 4.4系统,配备分辨率为1024*768的6英寸E-link触摸屏,电池容量为3000mAh。尽管E-Ink响应速度较慢影响体验,但似乎是为了延长续航时间,据称续航可以达到20小时。具备IP68等级的防水、防尘、防震以及防泥能力,可以在高温和低温恶劣环境中正常工作。另外,Earl的户外使用者可以通过背部的可折叠高效太阳能板,在5小时内快速完成充电动作。

Whether it’s backpacking, hiking, or weekend exploring, the Earl tablet is as ready to face the great outdoors as you are!


Hailing from Sqigle INC., Earl is a tablet built to last in the outdoors. For travelers and explorers who find themselves in places where nature dominates and endurance and survival are necessary tools, Earl is the travel companion you can use for directions.


Earl is built for weekend treks and backpackers, combining GPS with walkie-talkie, also including more than a dozen other features. Earl unites Android 4.4 technology with E-ink, meaning it won’t zap the device of energy quickly. With a built-in GPS chipset and its ability to connect to Bluetooth 4.0 devices, the device features thousands of maps to trails, ranges, and backcountry areas in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Topographical maps come with the display option of 100k or 24k screen resolution. It is available in either Coal or Snow.


The features include technology that in addition to giving you guidelines about the lay of the lands you traverse, also can monitor heart rate, track altitude, and operate like a two-way walkie-talkie. It even comes with worldwide radio connectivity, allowing you to stay in the know about the world around you. If that gets boring, Earl is slated to become EPUB, MOBI, and PDF compatible, so that you can carry your favourite reads with you when you decide that perhaps a break from the outdoors is in order.


Considering you will be braving the elements, Earl is designed to withstand them too, being waterproof, dirt-proof, weatherproof, etc. In other words, it is able to live up to its function as a outdoors-survival tablet.


Made for the environment in more than one sense, Earl can last up to 20 hours using a laminated solar panel, which can then be used to recharge the device in 5 hours.


Whether it’s navigating trails or climbing mountains, Earl is made to last in the outdoors. It is the tablet companion for backpackers, hikers, and lovers of the outdoors everywhere.




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野外用..续航才20小时... 虽然说这已经算是特别不错的啦..但总觉得对于野外苛刻环境下用有点不够呢..